28th January 2007,
Jalan Lompat Pagar Sekyen 13, Shah Alam

I think this is the best skate park ever build in Malaysia next to Kg Batu and Mont Kiara. I mean this is the best ever. Skatemalaysia crew went for a peek today and we thought we were in United States. Very well professional kind of skatepark. The size of the park is slightly smaller than the concreate park space in Kg Batu but the item here are much more better yet with full of place to skate. They have stair steps, lots of banks and hips, bowl, pool with many different shapes and sizes (some with coping and some are not), funbox, rails, handrails, flatbar rails, curbs, curve ledge, and many more. Just look at the pic below. Trust me, this park will build more pool skaters in the future and hope we gonna have our own pool skate jam or contest after this. As we read on the consturction board, this park will be completed by February and guess what there's also a mountain bike extreme track; wall climbing; boulders park; children playground; and a space for excersive fitness park. They will also open a single storey fast food restaurant (heard maybe Burger King or McMurder) with 2 more single storey restaurants, 3 units of shop lots and offcourse the park maintenance office (i think).

*For your info this was not the first park that have bowls or pools. The first bowl and pools in Malaysia was build in the early 90's (maybe late 80's) at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

Info and details about the extreme park:
Owned by: Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam
Developer: Worldwide Holdings Berhad
Architect: Sabraa Architect
Public & Stucture: Jurutera CMP Sdn Bhd
Mechanical & Electrical: Jurutera CMP Sdn Bhd
Land Surveyor: Perunding SHS
Contractor: Majutera Sdn Bhd
Date Start Building: 5th May 2006
Date Finish Building: 4th February 2007

Info and details about the skatepark designer:
The park was design by an ex-pro skater name Tim Altic. Tim "The Rollerskater" is a living legend. He's been skating for decades, was one of the world's best vert and pool rollerskaters, and toured many countries as a sponsored professional. Currently, he's a skatepark designer, consultant and also the owner of Alltec Skateparks Inc (A.S.I).

Back then while in college, Tim created a demo team promoting safe skateboarding sponsored by Rector Safety Equipment.

Tim sold his partnership and traveled to Europe where his professional career launched with a coverage from Skateboard Magazine, London. After touring Europe as the world's greatest skater, Tim went to Marina Cel Rey to compete in the world chanmpionships to see just how good he was. H eplaced 3rd in vertical pool skating and was sponsored by Z Products, Tracker, Rector and Kryptonics and was featured in the movie Skateboard Masness.

Unbeknown to the American public a renowned German movie producer Percy Adlon made a documentary on location at Venice Beach called Tim the Roller Skater, which established him s the "Father of inverted Aerial Maneuvers - "The Back Flip".



MIddle Area view: Standing in the middle of the park. Left and right of the view is a huge bowl and pool which is still under construction

Middle Area view (facing towards the back) : A bunch of curve ledges and straight ahead there's a stairs. But the ground part is stll under construction. But look at the end, there's a ledge

Right End view: A Mini pool wth a hip and hip transfer to another medium size bowl

Right End view: Next to the medium sized bowl has a bank with a ledge at the corner, a drop in bank to build up speed to carve the medium bowl and a rail next to it.

Left End middle view: (Left) Another view where you can see the mini pool at the end and the medium sized bowl with a handrail before you ride down the bowl. (front) From the same view of the meddium sized bowl with a kid doing transfer from the mini pool.

Left end view: (right) A mini curved rail slider with a handrail at the end with mini roll in with a round bank in the middle; (front) A U shape pool, a bunch of us had already carve the damn U thing.

Left End view: (further up side) Another view of the bowl. (Right) The rail and look at the bunch of bank to bank fun box with railand also attached with nice bank transition.

Further up from the previous shoot; A huge long fun box with a nice bank to bank hip transfer with rail and look there's also (angle) rail at the edge side. (Right) Another view from the back of the bank to bank fun box thing

Further up closed to the main gate: Look what we have here... a bunch of fun box with manual box, ledges, etc. Further up from there, look more ledge!!!

Further up from the pic above; What do we call this? A rainbow rail and it's nice for inliners; Another end view where you can see the stairs again with rails and curve ledge

The middle part huge bowl / pool still under construction

All photos by Boy Ipoh, Wan Kedah, Din Siput, Fasha & Anaqi of Skatemalaysia